President’s Message

Welcome to 2017!

Each new year brings new opportunities, adventures, and change. We have 365 new days to positively affect our profession, our lives, and the lives of those who experience Architecture every day in our communities.

As  we embark on the 2017 legislative session, AIA Kansas has the opportunity to meet with newly elected officials and re-connect with old friends, to share our views, and be an active participant in the governance of our great State of Kansas. We anticipate lively discussion and active participation from our Government Affairs Committee and members.

This year, we look forward to continued growth and improvement in AIA Kansas’s services and opportunities for our members. We look forward to strengthened connections among our region’s chapters and sections. We look forward to stronger relationships with each of you, and to a stronger, bolder AIA Kansas.

To better reach our members, educational opportunities may look a little different as we consider the addition of online offerings. We will continue to find opportunities for our members to connect and to share experiences first hand with architects from around the state. We are excited to continue our efforts to communicate with you more consistently and effectively. Likewise, we encourage each of our sections to share their events and learning opportunities with peers from around the state. Together, we are a stronger and more connected AIA Kansas.

As you each work to create a spectacular built environment for your clients, I ask you to also find ways in which you can positively influence the profession. Become involved with the AIA and your local civic organizations, mentor young architects, and give of yourself to the profession. Let us know what you are doing across Kansas. We look forward to hearing your stories!

In the words of Samuel (Sambo) Mockbee, “proceed and be bold!,” as you look at crafting your own opportunities for 2017.



Jeffrey A. Schutzler, AIA
AIA Kansas, President

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