Legislative Update: Spring Break

Legislative Update: Spring Break  

By Terry Humphrey, Executive Director

Legislators adjourned the regular session on Thursday, March 24, and are now on spring break until the veto session, which begins April 27. Here’s a quick update of where several of the bills we’ve been reporting on stand as of today:

SB 338 Rehabilitation of Abandoned Real Property by Cities. This bill addresses abandoned properties and their “blighting influence” across the state. It would revise certain legal provisions to allow cities and nonprofits to gain temporary possession of these properties for rehabilitation purposes. Passed Senate 32-8. Passed House 79-44. Sent to the Governor.

House Substitute for SB 249 (formerly House Bill 2703) limits the authority of state agencies to “enter into indebtedness” and complicates the process for funding state capital improvement projects in general. AIA Kansas strongly opposed this bill in testimony presented on March 2. The latest version of the bill includes a recommendation by AIA Kansas and others to create a commission to more fully review the issue of public-private partnerships (aka P-3). The 11-member commission would have one appointee from AIA Kansas. The bill is now in conference committee.

HB 2721, currently in the House General Government Budget Committee, would create three committees to examine ways in which Kansas boards and commissions could share or consolidate resources. Each 15-member committee would be responsible for a long list of boards and commissions set forth in the bill, and would make recommendations to optimize their efficiency. Committee members would be chosen from the respective groups being studied. The State Board of Technical Professions and the State Building Advisory Commission are among those listed to be reviewed by the general regulatory committee.

SB 499, in Senate Ways and Means Committee, requires school districts to strategically source specific spend categories through the department of administration. This bill was heard in Senate Ways and Means Committee, on March 14. The bill appears to be in response to the A&M efficiency study and places all “services” over $20,000 under the state bid law.  AIA Kansas opposes the bill.

Other bills we are following this session. Links have been provided so that you can read each bill in its entirety:

SB 365. This bill, enacting the Contaminated Property Redevelopment Act, was stricken from the calendar.

SB 366. This bill prohibits “any ordinance or resolution that would have the effect of controlling the amount of rent charged or the purchase price agreed upon between the parties to the transaction for the lease or purchase of privately-owned residential or commercial property.”  It is now in conference committee.

HB 2539. This bill remains in the House Local Government Committee and allows counties to repair, rehab or remove unsafe structures in unincorporated platted areas.

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