Legislative Update – Important Changes in the Kansas Legislature


Legislative Update: Important Changes in the Kansas Legislature

Change was the watchword for the 2016 Kansas elections. Voters, angered by the state’s revenue and budget shortfalls and declining public services, voted a sizable group of incumbents out of office. When the 2017 Legislature is sworn in on January 9th, there will be 59 new members: 14 new senators and 45 new representatives. (See list below.)

By all accounts, the new Legislature will be more moderate. One of the key changes that we will be monitoring is who is elected to leadership positions in the House and Senate. The new leadership will then appoint new committee chairs and committee members, helping to shape a new political landscape that we will need to navigate to promote and protect our interests.

So, what does this mean for AIA? In this changing political environment and in the face of the state’s massive $346 million budget shortfall, it becomes especially important that we inform incoming legislators—and remind returning legislators—about the economic benefits of design and development on Kansas communities.  You are encouraged to meet with your legislators now before the session begins or come to Topeka during the session to visit with lawmakers. Let me know if you if you would like me to schedule appointments.

Next year promises to be an interesting legislative session. I look forward to seeing you at the Statehouse!

Newly Elected Senators

Dist.                     Senator

7                           Barbara Bollier, R-Mission Hills

11                         John Skubal, R-Overland Park

14                         Bruce Givens, R-El Dorado

15                         Dan Goddard, R-Parsons

21                         Dinah Sykes, R-Lenexa

24                        Randall Hardy, R-Salina

25                         Lynn Rogers, D-Wichita

27                         Gene Sullentrop, R-Wichita

32                         Larry Alley, R-Winfield

33                         Mary Jo Taylor, R-Stafford

34                         Ed Berger, R-Hutchinson

38                         Bud Estes, R-Dodge City

39                         John Doll, R-Garden City

40                        Rick Billinger, R-Goodland

Newly Elected Representatives

Dist.                      Representative

3                            Monica Murnan, D-Pittsburg

4                            Trevor Jacobs, R-Fort Scott

8                            Patty Markley, R-Overland Park

12                          Doug Blex, R-Independence

16                          Cindy Holscher, D-Overland Park

17                          Tom Cox, R-Shawnee

18                          Cindy Neighbor, D-Shawnee

20                         Jan Kessinger, R-Overland Park

21                         Jerry Stogsdill, D-Prairie Village

27                         Sean Tarwater Sr., R-Stilwell

28                         Joy Koesten, R-Leawood

29                         Brett Parker, D-Overland Park

39                         Shelee Brim, R-Shawnee

40                         Debbie Deere, D-Lansing

41                          Jeff Pittman, D-Leavenworth

42                         Jim Karleskint, R-Tonganoxie

47                         Ronald Ellis, R-Meriden

52                          Brenda Dietrich, R-Topeka     

56                          Virgil Weigel, D-Topeka    

58                          Vic Miller, D-Topeka

60                          Mark Schreiber, R-Emporia

61                           Francis Awerkamp, R-St. Marys

63                           John Eplee, R-Atchison

68                           Dave Baker, R-Council Grove

72                           Tim Hodge, D-North Newton

75                            Mary Martha Good, R-El Dorado

76                           Eric Smith, R-Burlington

80                          Anita Judd-Jenkins, R-Arkansas City

87                           Roger Elliott, R-Wichita

88                           Elizabeth Bishop, D-Wichita

89                           KC Ohaebosin, D-Wichita

91                           Greg Lankin, R-Wichita

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