KDAT 2016 Annual Statement

The Kansas Disaster Assessment Team (KDAT) is an approximately 20 year collaboration between the AIAKS and the Heart of American International Code Council (HOA ICC) of building code officials. The KDAT is administered through the AIAKS office and organizes training of volunteers from AIAKS and HOA ICC to provide assessment of buildings affected in Kansas disasters.  The KDAT acts through authority of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Kansas Division of Emergency Management.

To maintain current volunteer certification ID cards issued by KDEM the KDAT provides certification training and refresher courses.  In 2016 a recertification course was offered in Topeka in April and another will be held at the CSR Conference in Manhattan.  Stan Peterson is the KDAT trainer.  Currently AIAKS has over 50 architect volunteers out of a total of approximately 180 trained volunteers.

Most recently, the KDEM called KDAT out for assessment of damage resulting from a tornado in the City of Eureka KS on the night of 7/7- 7/8/2016.  The KDAT SE Region co-coordinator, helped me head up our team of 4 architects from the SE Region and some from nearby in the SC Region.  AIAKS had 4 team members and the HOA ICC side of KDAT comprised of building code officials contributed 2 team members.

The team met at 7:30 am at the City Fire Station where we met with the County Emergency Manager (EM) to get started.  We broke into teams of 2 and used GIS maps of the town to track every address we inspected.  We used the 4 placard system to describe level of damage for every address in the path the tornado.  In all over 200 addresses were inspected.  By 3:00 pm we had compiled our group summary of assessed properties and made a group presentation to the EM and Angie Morgan the head of KDEM, who was there with other officials.  Two HOA ICC volunteers from the KDAT went back to Eureka on 7/21 to provide further assistance to clarify assessment levels our team had assigned and to make any adjustments necessary.

As KAT state co-coordinator I am hoping to build on momentum from success of the Eureka event and the event 2 years ago in Baxter Springs.  KDAT is now working with Kelly Engelke and Terry Humphrey in the AIAKS office to develop new KDAT information for the AIAKS website and other improvements to streamline IT function and membership in the KDAT organization.


Ava Christie, AIA

KDAT State Co-coordinator

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