Bowman Bowman Novick Inc. is a multi-discipline design firm with offices in Manhattan, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri. Our work integrates architecture and landscape architecture with culture and environment to create facilities and places of lasting quality and significance.

Four principals direct the firm, including Brent Bowman, AIA and Patrick Schaub, AIA in Manhattan, Kansas and Lorie Doolittle-Bowman, AIA, ASLA in Kansas City, Missouri. The firm is structured to undertake projects of great diversity of scale and usage.

Our structures and landscapes are found in a wide variety of sites and conditions. Each project responds to its particular situation in a unique way, which explains the diversity of our work. We have no preconceptions about form and space, and approach each project in an open and responsive manner. We are accustomed to working with complex decision-making organizations and enjoy seeking consensus, and we believe that the design process can and must be an open and understandable progression from ideas to buildings.
411 Nichols Road, Suite 246
Kansas City, MO 64112
USD 475 Chapman Schools, New Elementary School, New Middle School, New High School, New Education Center, Chapman, KS
New Penguin Exhibit, Kansas City Zoo, Kansas City, MO
KSU Student Recreation, Women’s Varsity Tennis Facility, Manhattan, KS
Blue Earth Plaza, Manhattan, KS
Lenexa Fleet Maintenance Facility, Lenexa, KS
Brent Bowman, AIA; Lorie Bowman, AIA; Patrick Schaub, AIA
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