Architectural Development Services, LLC

Year Established: 1999

Total Personnel: 1

Architectural Development Services, L.L.C. was founded in 1999 as a full service land development and design firm. Over the years the firms focus has changed into a full service architectural design firm whose primary goal is to provide quality architectural services to its clients no matter what the budget size. The firm focus is primarily on commercial architecture. The firm has worked on a variety of building types including corporate offices, medical facilities, financial institutions, government organizations, religious facilities, educational facilities and private residences.


ADS is a full service design firm providing programming, master planning, facility space planning, architecture and construction administration.

Every built environment should create a sense of space that make the occupants want to be in that space. The design philosophy at ADS is a simple one. All clients and their projects are special. At ADS the goal is to help our clients realize their visions. The design process is a collaborative effort in which we encourage our clients to play an active role in the process. This process creates better built environments in which the client has more than just a financial interest in the outcome. They are more aware of why decisions were made and they have the pride of knowing that they helped create their own built environment.
Examples of Projects:
Poet Ethanol Products Corporate Headquarters
Credit Union of America Northwest Branch
Murphy Tractor Corporate Headquarters and Operations Facility
Intrust Bank Data Recovery Center
Custom Cupboards Manufacturing Facility
Principals: Rodney A. Coker, AIA
Architectural Development Services, LLC
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