Established in 1981, TreanorHL is a 64 person design firm providing services in architecture, planning, interior design, historic preservation and civil engineering. TreanorHL has design studios dedicated to student life, historic preservation, justice and science and technology architecture. With constant communication between these specialized teams, each supports the other. Supporting our specialized team’s are our interior design and civil engineering studios. These two groups provide services for TreanorHL design projects as well as directly to the client as stand-alone services.


TREANOR ARCHITECTS’ STUDENT LIFE division maintains a staff that focuses on college and university residence halls, unions, dining, health services, student recreation and athletics. We group these projects and facility types together because they often fall under a common group of administrators. Treanor Student Life’s research-based design studio is dedicated to creating environments that support students’ personal, social and academic success. This studio has planned, programmed or designed more than 160+ student life projects on 75+ college and university campuses. This group works hard to educate and communicate how architectural design supports and enhances the learning environment.

TREANOR ARCHITECTS’ SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY team focuses on research and academic facility design, and over the past several years, has planned and programmed more than $2 billion worth of science facilities. While this group has been become known for their expertise in science buildings for university clients, their resumes go deep with respect to academic and educational building designs. Recent projects have included the design of instructional spaces including high performance classrooms, distance learning environments, research facilities, laboratories, core facilities and vivariums.

TREANOR ARCHITECTS’ PRESERVATION team operates under the principle that good design transcends time. To that end, this group is committed to providing the services necessary to preserve historic buildings, provide sympathetic additions and/or construct compatible new ones. It is easy to forget that a historic building is defined as a facility that is at least 50 years old. It does not have to be a signature building, it can be any building on your campus. Because this team has a deep understanding of building design, construction and code compliance, they are able to provide creative solutions that meet today’s standards but do not destroy the integrity of the building itself.

Regardless of the building’s use, this team can be called upon to support the other design teams to help provide a variety of potential services and reports including reasonable maintenance plans, national register nominations, review of university building records, evaluation of building changes made over time and completion of building assessments. The result will be a clear vision that will extend the life of the building.

TREANOR ARCHITECTS’ JUSTICE team has focused its knowledge-building on justice center operations, helping its mostly public sector clients stay current with important trends in the design and operation of these government-funded facilities. The justice team operates under the philosophy that a justice facility can be a striking example of civic architecture that reflects its community’s personality. But the firm’s designers don’t lose sight of the fact that as public resources those facilities must also be designed for operational efficiency, for user friendliness and to fit within a community’s annual operations budget once online.

Whether it’s a courthouse, government building, jail or detention facility for juveniles or adults, Treanor provides comprehensive services, from needs, site and staffing assessments to design and wayfinding to bond or finance support.

TREANOR ARCHITECTS’ INTERIOR DESIGN STUDIO embraces a philosophy and commitment of complete integration of interior design into architecture. This integration may be utilized in the full scope of architectural services or may function independently. This collaboration produces stronger client relationships, greater creativity and innovation, and adds value for all clients and projects. The talented and experienced interior designers at Treanor work strategically and as a team to deliver innovation, quality and sustainable performance. Their services include interior design, programming, space planning, interior materials & finishes, furniture specification, furniture selection & purchasing, custom architectural millwork, way-finding and graphics, and lighting design and selections.

TREANOR ARCHITECTS’ CIVIL ENGINEERING TEAM knows that understanding the project site is essential when designing a building. Streamlining the design process, our civil engineering studio identifies the nuances of project sites prior to architectural design to help take advantage of the opportunities offer while limiting the cost impact of the site’s constraints. Treanor Civil offers the following services: ADA/accessibility design; grading design; permitting and plan review; sanitary sewer design; site design and land development; stormwater management/detention design; water services design. In addition to independent Civil Engineering projects, these services are regularly incorporated into other Treanor Architects projects as needed.

1715 SW Topeka Blvd
Topeka KS 66612

1617 Walnut
Kansas City MO 64108-1314

Kirkwood Station Plaza, Bldg B
141 E Madison Ave, Ste 102
St Louis MO 63122314-984-0021

1700 Pacific Ave Ste 2630
Dallas TX 75201
1040 Vermont
Lawrence, KS 66044
Memorial Union Renovation – Emporia State University, Emporia, KS
Northside Living Learning Center – Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas
Measurement, Materials and Sustainable Environment Center – School of Engineering, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas
Kansas State House Renovation – Topeka, Kansas
City of Lee’s Summit Police Facility – Lee’s Summit, Missouri
Michael Treanor, AIA; Daniel J. Rowe, AIA; Nadia Zhiri, AIA; Joseph Stramberg, AIA; Steve Malin, AIA; Micah Kimball, AIA; T. Andrew Pitts, AIA; Sharon Schmitz, AIA; K. Vance Kelley, AIA; Joy Coleman, AIA; Dale Glenn, AIA; David Livingood, AIA; J. Bill Petrelli, AIA; Timothy Reynolds, PE
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