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Steve Evans brings thirty years of experience as a Senior Project Manager for Populous (formerly known as the HOK Sports Facilities Group) and Director of Operations for HOK’s North Central Region covering St. Louis and Chicago and Treanor Architects in Lawrence, Kansas. Steve provides both operations and project management consulting services and is located in the Lawrence, Kansas area. With a background in a variety of project types and sizes, Steve services range from the evaluation of firm-wide practices in project management to detailed, close-up analysis of project budgeting, work plan set-up and monitoring. His familiarity with current software used in architecture, engineering and other design firms provides an overall perspective to assess a firm’s practices followed by recommended solutions for implementation best suited for improving client service and project profitability. Similarly, consideration of the overall operational methods utilized by firms including organizational models, financial metrics and reporting systems provide a means to view historic data as a basis for looking forward and predicting future firm performance.

Stephen C. Evans Consulting, LLC provides services to architectural, engineering, planning and interior design firms in the following areas:

1.      Business Management and Firm Operations
2.      Firm Operations and Project Management Practices Assessment
3.      Project Management
4.      Custom Project Work Planning Workshop
5.      Job Title Descriptions and Competency Models
6.      Risk Management and Contracts
7.      Professional Coaching
8.      Arbitration, American Arbitration Association Panel of Construction Neutrals

Three Specialty Services:

1.      Firm Operations and Project Management Practices Assessment: An evaluation of both Firm Operations and Project Management practices needs to be done at the same time; one without the other limits the potential for growth and profitability. These two aspects of a firm’s practice must be connected in terms of the financial metrics used to monitor firm-wide and project performance. The Assessment is simple and efficient.

2.      Custom Project Work Planning Workshop:   A different approach than seminars by national firms is utilized. The approach is a hands-on sessions including accounting terms/methods, the project work planning process and team-building aspects of process . The Workshop is designed using the software currently used and respects a firm’s culture and practices.

3.      Job Title Descriptions and Competency Models: Steve has considerable experience in developing Job Title Descriptions and associated Competency Models for architectural firms. Both of these elements need to be based on a firm’s culture and people and not a “cut and paste” approach from existing publications on the subject. It is important to have the ability to “measure” the progress of staff development over time around job title criteria and we recommend building competency models that serve this purpose. Competency models not only allow performance evaluations in simple, concise formats but provide the means for career path goals and objectives that can be measured concurrently.
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My firm provides professional management services for the architecture, engineering and design professions. Service areas include: 1) Business Management and Firm Operations, 2) Project Management, 3) Risk Management and Contracts, 4) Professional Coaching, 5) Job Title Descriptions and Competency Models and 6) Arbitrator, American Arbitration Association of Construction Neutrals.
Stephen C. Evans, AIA
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