Interim Tax Committee Meets This Week

Terry Humphrey

Terry Humphrey

By Terry Humphrey, Executive Director

Last month, House and Senate leadership selected the members of the special interim Tax Committee and gave them three committee days to address tax policy. Their charge:

“Review the policy, rationale, and justification for all exemptions and credits within the state’s tax code; and establishing a potential time table to sunset many of those provisions.”  Approved Meeting Days: 3

As you may recall, this interim committee topic is a direct response to a 2015 legislative proposal to repeal sales tax exemptions and tax credits.  Rather than vote on these measures without study or public input last session, leadership committed to an interim committee study and review of exemptions and tax credits.  Now that the committee has been established, the special committee review will begin their study this week, November 5 and 6.  The interim Tax Committee will complete the study prior to the start of the 2016 legislative session, which begins January 11, 2016.  

AIA will monitor this committee closely to make sure that the Historic Tax Credits and tax policy on professional services remains unaltered.

Below are the interim committee members. AIA will keep you informed about the committee’s progress.



Sen. Ty Masterson, Chairperson
Sen. Steve Abrams
Sen. Tom Holland
Sen. Julia Lynn
Sen. Jeff Melcher
Sen. Greg Smith


Rep. Marvin Kleeb, Vice-chairperson
Rep. Ken Corbet
Rep. Mark Hutton
Rep. Jerry Lunn
Rep. Marc Rhoades
Rep. Tom Sawyer
Rep. Kathy Wolfe Moore

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