AIA Kansas Committees Take the Lead in 2016

Tony Rangel, AIA

Tony Rangel, AIA

Tony Rangel, President AIA Kansas

AIA Kansas is on target on a number of initiatives for 2016. As January closed, AIA Kansas submitted documentation to the Institute that demonstrates the many ways our chapter provides valuable service to its members. Based on AIA Kansas’ 2015 Strategic Plan and the Institute’s realignment goals, we not only met our services goals but, in many cases, exceeded them. In 2016 we’re focused on strengthening our chapter’s service areas of Knowledge, Advocacy, Communication and Collaboration.

I’d also like to announce that Wendy Ornelas, FAIA, has agreed to chair the 2016 AIA Kansas/Central States Regional Conference, October 19 & 20, 2016 at the Hilton Garden Inn Manhattan. Wendy will bring great leadership and energy to the conference committee. Wendy has enlisted a fantastic team who are focused on bringing you an outstanding conference in 2016, including: Matt Knox, AIA; Emily Koenig, AIA; Maria Kutina, Associate AIA; Tony Jacobs, AIA; Brice Wrightsman, AIA; Gwen Gigous, AIA; Brennon Randa, AIA; Michael Gibson, Associate AIA; Jacob Laha, AIA; Jennifer Rygg; Resa Kemper, Associate AIA; Christopher Fein, AIA; and Eric Wittman, AIA. Look for continued updates throughout the year regarding specifics about the conference.

AIA Kansas is also in the midst of engaging in and collaborating on a number of legislative issues as the new legislative session begins. Our Government Affairs Committee, lovingly known as the “GAC,” has a busy agenda ahead of them, and you’ll discover more about the GAC’s efforts elsewhere in this newsletter. The GAC Chair is Jeff Schutzler, AIA, and the committee includes David Dunfield, AIA; Gary Nevius, AIA; Tim Clark, AIA; Steve Scannell, AIA; and Bob Fincham, AIA.

I also want to recognize the efforts of the Communications Task Force. To date they have been engaged in a number of activities that run the gamut from updating our membership directory and AIA Kansas website to supporting the Conference Committee’s marketing efforts for the conference. Katie Nichols, AIA, chairs the Conference Committee. Her team includes Tim Ivy, Associate AIA; Bruce Wrightsman, AIA; Tim Clark, AIA; and Eric Wittman, AIA.

Keep an eye on your AIA Kansas website. There’s lots going on at AIA Kansas…and you need to be a part of it!

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