2016 AIA Kansas Design Award Recipients

2016 Kansas Design Awards
Comments by Jury Chair – Steve Dumez

Citation – Excellence in Student Architecture
A Pediatric Hospital House by Kelly Pyle

Simple pavilions are elegantly detailed and clearly arranged to provide shelter that lucidly describe the programmatic requirements of the project.

Taking full advantage of its forested setting, the design engages the senses to provide a collection of spaces that are both open and closed, that envelope and nurture while connecting the project to its site.

Beautifully and clearly presented, the design draws the viewer into a realm of the senses.


Citation – Excellence in Student Architecture
Preston Outdoor Education Center by KSU Design+Make Studio

Taking full advantage of its prairie site, this collection of educational stations intimately connect visitors to the endangered ecosystems of the prairie.

Simple structures elegantly detailed are expressive of the variety of interpretive opportunities to engage with the dramatic, Kansas landscape.

This project is a compelling example of hands-on learning, providing students with the chance to realize the physical implications of the designs they produce.


Merit Award – Excellence in Unbuilt Architecture
East Ninth Streetscape by el dorado inc

This project is a great example of our discipline’s growing awareness that it is our duty to engage and listen to the community.

Efforts such as this gain public trust and earn a willingness to let designers do what we’re good at – envisioning vibrant, forward looking solutions to difficult problems.

This proposal is a clear example for reinventing the ways art and design can engage communities and forge urban connections.


Merit Award – Excellence in Preservation/Adaptive Reuse
Westport Presbyterian Church by BNIM

The delicacy of the new interior detailing provides an elegant counterpoint with the rough and rustic nature of the original stone shell of the historic church.

The jury found the design to be impressive in its sculpting of light.

The project exhibits a strong sense of promenade and experience.

The jury observed that the design seems to respond quite strongly to its context ….. clear upon approach and entry …. While offering surprises within.


Merit Award – Excellence in Preservation/Adaptive Reuse
Volland General Store by el dorado inc

This adaptive reuse of the remains of this rural general store into a gallery and art retreat is thoughtfully and beautifully realized.

Simple and clear design decisions have yielded unexpected results, allowing the original structure to take on a stature that elevates it well beyond its humble origins.

This represents a wonderful tactile example of progress merged with preservation – simply achieved through the careful coordination of modest and familiar materials deployed in an inventive way.


Honor Award – Excellence in Preservation/Adaptive Reuse
American Enterprise Group National Headquarters by BNIM

This exquisite renovation brings a classic midcentury office building back to life.

Design interventions enhance the luminous transparency of the façade while addressing contemporary life safety issues and outdated building systems.

Extensive research and restraint led to clear decisions regarding what to repair and what to replace…. Inviting the structure into the 21st century.

One juror commented that “This is an example of a rehabilitation that has perhaps resulted in a project that surpasses the qualities of the original”.


Merit Award – Excellence in Interior Architecture
Liberty North High School Addition by Hollis+Miller Architects

 This modest academic addition elevates gathering and community to a celebratory act.

One juror commented, “This is a learning space that is inspiring and would be great fun to experience.”

Refined details and the layered use of a warm wood palette humanize the project and unifies the collection of different types of learning spaces.


Merit Award – Excellence in Architecture
Lutheran Church of Hope by BNIM

This project is a fine example of a creative architects’ skill of doing much with little – delivering a skillful composition with clear, straightforward detailing that elevates its modest palette of materials and suburban site.

The inventive manner in which light is introduced into the tower and the sanctuary is surprising and powerful.

The design presents for us an inventive merging of common building components, systems and textures – all controlled by a sophisticated compositional eye.


Merit Award – Excellence in Architecture
Pacific Center Campus Research and Design Building

The jury appreciated the way in which the carefully detailed exterior bridges and circulation spaces connect the two buildings in a way that promotes interaction and collaboration amongst users.

The project exhibits a fantastic collection and coordination of surface qualities – opacity, translucency and transparency – combined in effort to contain and define space amidst an austere landscape.

The dynamic qualities of the building and site planning strategy reinforce the goal of connecting employees to nature and with one another.


Honor Award – Excellence in Architecture
University of Kansas DeBruce Center by Gould Evans

The jury found this project to be an intriguing hybrid of archival exhibition and student gathering, programs not often contained within a single project.

An expressive ramped circulation strategy proves very successful in allowing dynamic movement through the student dining area while providing an important campus linkage.

One juror commented, “This is a very elegant project. I’d rather spend a couple of hours there than sitting courtside.”


Honor Award – Excellence in Architecture
Illinois Creek Ranch by el dorado inc

Last, but not least, this project stood out as a jury favorite.

The beauty and clarity of the documentation and presentation of the design concept captured the jury’s imagination, which then was exceeded by the quality of the project itself.

This complex of structures enhances the beautiful setting through artful site planning and exquisite detailing.

A sophisticated use of both rough and pristine materials that reflect upon, while complimenting, the site and context.

The project expresses a contemporary collection of nostalgic rural residential qualities – progressively represented.


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